Knowledge tech for the social + public sectors

Hakeema helps you capture, organize, and deliver knowledge without getting overwhelmed.

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Free for small teams + public hubs. Free trial for big teams.

Hakeema provides free 1:1 coaching to many open intelligence properties under active development. We leverage the lessons we've learned to help advance your work.


Hakeema's platform is free for public-facing ecosystems. This includes a CMS, intelligence hub, email digests, and a social DB, as well as growth, enablement, and collaboration tools.

Hub School

Coming soon. With the help of our partners, we're working on a curriculum and professional learning network for individuals and organizations leading ecosystems.

An all-in-one toolkit to power your organization

CMS · No need for Wordpress, Drupal, Hubspot, or a blog. We built Hakeema specifically for ecosystems and networks so you're not spending time and money maintaining a heavy platform.

Growth Tools ·
Unveil the map of existing and prospective partner opportunities and insights. See how everything connects. Keep your internal teams on beat with your ecosystem.

Collaboration Tools ·
Hakeema excels at partner communications, both centralized and decentralized, internal and external. A network is only as strong as its communications.

Email Digests ·
Mailchimp, Hubspot, or Constant Contact are great for generic email. Hakeema compliments or replaces them with personalized email digests for your partners, internal teams, and the public curated to each individual's interests.

Social DB ·
Have stakeholders claim profiles, gather reviews, display certificate badges, and showcase themselves to the public.

Build a hub to engage your world

① Capture discoveries with Hakeema's browser extension.
② Add your own insights. ③ Share, collaborate, and publish.

Give your knowledge a home

Capture research and discoveries

Build communities and initiatives

Embed reports and analysis

Share with stakeholders and partners

Give your people the right answer

Identify internal & external experts

Track grants and metrics

Scale domain expertise

Spot where knowledge is missing

Before Hakeema

Before Hakeema, knowledge is both everywhere and nowhere. Our brains struggle to recall what's important from an abundance of research and activities.

If our core asset is our expertise, why can we never succeed at wrangling what's most important?

After Hakeema

With Hakeema, it becomes easier to capture work as it happens, whether it's a conversation, some web research, or a new report.

From these small discoveries, a central home of clarity arises. Teams build a sense of alignment, motivation, and direction.

"When you're building a network of knowledge and partnerships, you need clarity. Hakeema gives us this clarity."

Mat Frenz, VP of Research & Development at Entangled (and now advisor to Hakeema)

"It's the only platform I’ve seen that blends algorithmic excellence with an understanding for real human behavior."

Molly Jamieson Eberhardt, Program Director, R4D

"Partnering with Hakeema was a home run. One of the best decisions of my career."

Nathan Martin, Director of Thought Leadership at Pearson

"When I first saw this platform my eyes lit up! This would save us so much time..."

Melanie Smuts, Founder and CEO of Streetlight School (perspective from a platform partner)

"Hakeema ties our world together"

Michael Horn, Author of "Blended," "Disrupting Class," "Choosing College"

"In record time, we had a knowledge hub specifically catered to our needs. Working with Hakeema is a real pleasure."

Zineb Mouhyi, Policy & Partnership Development Officer, WISE

"Our stakeholders can share and benefit in their day-to-day. This keeps everyone engaged."

Daniel Plaut, Senior Program Officer, Results for Development

"Hakeema is pivotal in building understanding and connection that just weren't there before."

Felipe Prado, Program Manager of Co-Incide, SUMMA

Powering organizations big and small

Hakeema is loved and leveraged by all sorts of teams: big and small, public and private, international and local. Our mission is to turn up the lights so people can do more important work.