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Hakeema is knowledge management for ecosystems and partnerships. Begin everyone's day with clarity, motivation, & direction.

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Hakeema is now free for up to 500 users.

A complete toolkit for understanding, engaging, and leading ecosystems

Strategic Insights · Unveil a world of existing and prospective opportunities and insights. See how everything connects. Keep everyone on beat with your ecosystem.

Enablement Hub · Increase outcomes across teams and partners. Hakeema is built for collaborating on ecosystem insights, partner updates, analytics, collateral, and shared learnings.

CMS & Database · No need to maintain a heavy CMS or database. You can put Hakeema to work as both an external hub for partners or an internal insights hub for strategic & enablement teams.

Email Briefs · Hakeema compliments or replaces newsletter software with personalized email digests for your partners, internal teams, and the public, curated to each individual's interests.

Start everyone's day with clarity

Easily gather and share insights, news, and tools to keep everyone aligned.

Track relevant segments, geographies, markets, and initiatives.

Post media, embedded analytics, tables, and videos. Then tag and comment.

Collaborate with teams and partners on content. Share publicly or privately.

Curate intelligence on partners or invite them to claim and contribute.

Anyone can find what they need with fast, flexible, deep search.

Users can find, learn about, and message each other through user profiles.

Track metrics like revenue and funding to get a picture of ecosystem activity.

Teams can cross-section and export partner and prospect data.

Category heatmaps show what's getting attention vs what needs it.

Partner Experience (PX)

Your teams, partners, and stakeholders struggle when insights are buried in clunky systems. Engage everyone by delighting them with a modern, simple workflow.

Ecosystem Enablement

Hakeema's powerful boards, search, and email digests mean the right insights get to the right people at the right time. When the lights are turned up, everyone moves with elegance.

"When you’re trying to identify and build partnerships, you need continuous insights and precise engagement. Hakeema nails this soundly."

Mat Frenz, VP of Research & Development at Entangled (and now advisor to Hakeema)

"It's the only platform I’ve seen that blends algorithmic excellence with an understanding for real human connection."

Molly Jamieson Eberhardt, Program Director, R4D

"Our ecosystem launch was a home run. Partnering with Hakeema was one of the best decisions of my career."

Nathan Martin, Director of Thought Leadership at Pearson

"When I first saw this platform my eyes lit up! This would save us so much time..."

Melanie Smuts, Founder and CEO of Streetlight School (perspective from a platform partner)

"Finally something that brings our space together!"

Michael Horn, Author of "Blended," "Disrupting Class," "Choosing College"

"In record time, we built a hub specifically catered to our needs. Working with Hakeema is a real pleasure."

Zineb Mouhyi, Policy & Partnership Development Officer, WISE

"I love how the platform is stakeholder-driven. Users can both share and benefit in their day-to-day. This helps keep everyone engaged."

Daniel Plaut, Senior Program Officer, Results for Development

"Hakeema has been pivotal in building connection with partners that just wasn’t there before."

Felipe Prado, Program Manager of Co-Incide, SUMMA

Powering ecosystem insights everywhere

Hakeema is loved and leveraged by all sorts of teams: big and small, for-profit and non-profit, international and local. Our mission is to turn up the lights on humankind's most meaningful work.