Go Green. Save Green. Earn Green.

"The idea of “demand-side” means your institution has control. It happens on your side (demand side) of the utility meter. By curtailing your school’s electricity usage during times of high demand and high prices, it relieves stress on the grid, which lessens the need for additional centralized power generation that can release more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. (In some cases, this can be mandated by state or local governments or incentivized by local utilities.)

In this white paper, we’ll explore the various forms that demand-side energy management takes. We’ll look at how one university seized the opportunity to generate significant revenue from demand response participation and succeeded spectacularly. Finally, we’ll examine distributed energy resources and how another university found an innovative way to both optimize their energy program and maximize their revenue with intelligent storage."

-Philip Ciulla, Anne Ratliff, Diane Wiggins