The commuter student niche - but they are having a hard time

Supporting commuter students with better digital options could help institutions increase their intake of this growing demographic, who are living at home to manage the costs of attending University.

Let's explore some of the challenges facing commuter students, the opportunities to better support them through digital technology and what to highlight in student recruitment campaigns.

  1. Commuter students can find it harder to make social connections and to feel part of the student community.

  2. Finding study and meeting areas with charging points for laptops and mobile phones.

  3. Timetables are not always accessible and are subject to change.

  4. Parking on campus can be unpredictable and frustrating.

  5. Commuter students don't often feel their needs are well catered for.

  6. Commuter students can find it more challenging to attend lectures where timetabling conflicts with transport times.