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Hakeema is building a world where evidence, clarity, and promise can easily be found on any social problem and context. !

Next kickoff: January 11th, 2021
Fast deploy

Don't spend your time on creating additional pages and components. We create everything for you. Customize and deploy website!


We create a lot of custom elements. They are lightweight and fast. With copy and paste feature you can easily use them for your needs.

Best practices

We spend a lot of time to research tons of different software website from top companies to collect all best practices in one place.

What's new?

6 home pages

You get 6 variants of the home page for any kind of software website. No matter SaaS, startup, desktop or mobile application, product company, studio, agency or outsource, developers package, library or framework, here you can find the template for all these needs.
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Page collection

This template contains 40+ different pages that can be used for software website. No need to create something else, everything already is done!
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Calling ecosystem leaders!

Understand, engage, and grow your ecosystem with our help.


Bring light to your region and results follow. Give local organizations the ability to showcase their work and give outside organizations the ability to look inside. When stakeholders are able to understand the movement and connections of your region, they can more readily act.

Research & Academic

To attract funding, talent, or additional partners, you need to be the front door to the a broader network of research or academic capacity. Crowdsource contributions from members while demonstrating a strong front to outside stakeholders.

Nonprofits & Foundations

Organize, track, and showcase the distributed activities of your network so everyone can learn from one another. Send personalized email digests for every stakeholder and funder. Map the partner ecosystem surrounding your organization.

Global Networks

Use our free toolkit to get the birds-eye view of international stakeholders, adjacent landscapes, and local partners. Hakeema has been battle-tested for international partner networks and makes it easy on everyone to stay agile.

Ad Hoc & Disaster Response

Because Hakeema focuses on easy onboarding and engaging across organizational networks, it serves as a powerful hub for disaster response, whether it's necessary immediately or used as a virtual backbone for incident response workshops.

Member Organizations

Delivering member value starts with making it easy for members to discover the resources, insights, and connections you offer. Hakeema lets you give every member a feed personalized to their interests.

de quoi tu parles?

Hakeema is localized for English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Hindi, Ukrainian, Portuguese, and Italian with more languages coming. Contact us to get started.

Request for Ecosystems

If you're bringing open intelligence to an ecosystem, moonshot, or global agenda, please get in touch. Below are a few examples of our team's areas of interest.

We're on a mission!

Our mission is to help the world do more important work. It's nearly impossible to solve a hard problem or make a real contribution unless we understand our world and are living at its forefront. Hakeema has built knowledge tools to act as the floodlights on real human progress.

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