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build a hub in 3 steps


Add organizations, pages, and people

Starting with data? Upload it and Hakeema will automatically create and tag your profiles. Starting fresh? Easily create dozens of profiles and topics in minutes.


Users claim, post, and follow

Invite your teams, partners, and guests to claim pages. Users can intuitively onboard and educate themselves without help. Let them turn up the lights on their world by following pages that interest them. Anyone can contribute their updates, stories, and resources back into the network.


Everyone sees what engages them most

Your teams and partners get feeds, charts, and email digests based on their interests. Internal teams get the birds eye view. As the day unfolds, your people can use flexible, deep search and intuitive browsing to grab what they need on demand.

Start everyone's day with clarity, motivation, and direction

Easily gather and share insights, news, and tools to keep everyone aligned.

Track relevant segments, geographies, markets, and initiatives.

Post media, embedded analytics, tables, and videos. Then tag and comment.

Collaborate with teams and partners on content. Share publicly or privately.

Curate intelligence on partners or invite them to claim and contribute.

Anyone can find what they need with fast, flexible, deep search.

Users can find, learn about, and message each other through user profiles.

Track metrics like revenue and funding to get a picture of ecosystem activity.

Teams can cross-section and export partner and prospect data.

Category heatmaps show what's getting attention vs what needs it.

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Hakeema is free for nonprofits and small teams. You're free to play.

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Hakeema Use Cases

Hakeema is used by all sorts of organizations to understand their ecosystems and grow their partnerships.

Market, Competitive, and Ecosystem Intelligence

Internal teams that stay on the same beat with their markets and ecosystems are able to make the right moment-to-moment decisions required in a fast-paced culture. Give your teams the ability to find what they're looking for when they need it.

Enablement Professionals

Engage partners continuously with crowdsourced insights, marketing collateral, and benchmarking. Get partners what they need when they need it. Hakeema plays well with CRMs and PRMs, while setting your partners free from those clunky administrative interfaces.

Nonprofits and Chapter Organizations

Organize, track, and showcase the distributed activities of your network so everyone can learn from one another. Send personalized email digests for every stakeholder and funder. Map the partner ecosystem surrounding your organization.

Global Networks

Use Hakeema to get the birds-eye view of international markets, competition landscapes, and distribution networks. Hakeema is battle tested for international partner networks and makes it easy on everyone so you can stay agile.

Ad Hoc Networks and Emergency Response

Because Hakeema focuses on easy onboarding and engaging across organizational networks, it serves as a powerful hub for disaster response, whether it's necessary immediately or used as a virtual backbone for incident response workshops.

Associations and Member Organizations

Delivering member value starts with making it easy for members to discover the resources, insights, and connections you offer. Hakeema lets you give every member a feed personalized to their interests.

Partnership Networks

A partner network is only as strong as its communications. Hakeema is an all-in-one communications platform. Showcase your partners to the public while collaborating with partners internally. Delight, close, and integrate major partners by delivering the experience that your home is their home.

Economic Development

Bring light to your region and results follow. Give local organizations the ability to showcase their work and give outside organizations the ability to look inside. When stakeholders are able to understand the movement and connections of your region, they can more readily act.

Research and Academic Consortiums

To attract funding, talent, or additional partners, you need to be the front door to the a broader network of research or academic capacity. Crowdsource contributions from members while demonstrating a strong front to outside stakeholders.

de quoi tu parles?

Hakeema is localized for English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Hindi, Ukrainian, Portuguese, and Italian with more languages coming. Contact us to get started.

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"Thirty spokes converge on a single hub, but it is in the space where there is nothing that the usefulness of the cart lies."
~Lao Tzu