Edtech Insights: Volume 2

Edtech Insights Volume: 2

The end of the year offers a chance for reflection, this year more than most. 2020 saw Covid-19 accelerate the world of EdTech.

While schools closed, EdTech stayed open. For EdTech companies, the chances to pause and learn – whether at conferences, workshops or team sessions – were interrupted by a sea of new customer requests, disruptions to funding and the need to do more with less.

Since our last EdTech Insights briefing, we’ve been speaking to some of the leading voices in EdTech to ask what it takes to find, fund and grow a successful EdTech venture. For UK-based TwinklHive, that question is at the heart of its work to fund and accelerate EdTech ventures. We had the chance to sit down with both TwinklHive and one of its companies, the learning platform Natterhub.

Funding fuels growth and backs innovation, but not all funders are created equal. EdTech is a space where returns must be measured in learning outcomes as well as a successful financial quarter. We talked to Tory Patterson (Owl Ventures) and Rob Lowe (LEGO Ventures) to find out what it takes to navigate this landscape and guide a successful portfolio of EdTech ventures.

For a wider look at the world of EdTech start-ups, Dr. Wayne Holmes and Elinor Honigstein of the UK Israel Tech Hub report back on a recent UK-Israel EdTech event.

This is the second issue of EdTech Insights. We hope you will think of it as a chance to stop, reflect and learn. We’ll be back in 2021 with more interviews, insight and analysis. Drop us a line to get involved.

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