Special Report: Edtech Insights with Oriel Square

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We know that the fast-paced world of EdTech can be difficult to navigate and we want to help. EdTech Publik and Oriel Square are collaborating to bring you articles and interviews from the front-lines of funders, entrepreneurs and leaders working to improve education. 

In the EdTech Insights series, we’ll be talking all things EdTech – from investment and transaction trends to what works in content, policy and innovation, through to who’s who.

  • Investment

    • I take a brief look at the developments in the EdTech landscape.

  • Impact

    • Michael Forshaw (Edtech Impact) talks us through why impact matters and what we can do to measure it to build on EdTech’s success

  • Interventions 

    • John Deans looks at systemic EdTech interventions in the wake of Covid-19.

We hope you find this useful. We’ll continue tracking the market and providing regular digests. Most importantly, we will listen to you, the users, and work to give you the information you need to make better decisions. We can’t do this alone.

Together, we can make the flood of information a bit less overwhelming, separate the signal from the noise, and turn on the lights on edtech.